Emails That Engage & Educate-How To Beat Gmail Promotions Filter

Email Marketing and Gmail

Gmail recently made some changes to the look and functionality of their platform. Before, a Gmail inbox would simply showcase all the emails a person received, no matter the content or who they were from. This meant that emails from friends and family as well as promotional emails from retailers would all end up in one main inbox.

The change that Gmail is currently debuting still functions like any other email, but instead of placing all incoming email into one main inbox, the emails will now be filtered into three categories: Primary, Promotions and Social.

Now, Gmail will place your email into one of the three tabs after filtering it. Anything deemed as a social or promotional post will fall into their respective tabs. Everything else will stay as a primary email.

While this new look forces Gmail users to be organized, it has many retailers and businesses worried that their hard efforts at email marketing will now go unnoticed. After all, their emails will end up in the promotional tab, and everyone knows that most Gmail users are never going to move past the primary tab.

Luckily, Gmail’s new functionality doesn’t mean your company has to completely give up on email marketing. Instead, you need to create emails that engage and educate, and you need to implement the following tips in order to beat Gmail’s promotion filter.

Keep the email simple.

Some companies have a tendency to send out email promotions that contain everything and the sun, such as information about the company, coupons, special events, etc. If you put too much varied information in your email marketing, it’s going to get flagged as a promotion. In order to avoid this, make sure that your email marketing efforts are simple and only focus on one main topic.

Avoid sales copy.

There is certain verbiage that Gmail will look for in order to determine if an email is a promotion, so make sure you avoid sales copy at all costs. Instead of common calls to action, such as “buy now”, be more informative and educating with your content. Share valuable details and make the user want to buy it, not force them to buy it.

Use correct grammar.

If you are writing a long posting, make sure to check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Content that contains mistakes will be flagged as a promotion. Content that is void of mistakes will appear to be a primary email and make it through to the desired location.

Vary your senders.

Once an email address has been marked as a promotion, every email from that address will likely end up in the promotions tab. For this reason, it’s a good idea to vary the addresses that send your information. This way, if one email address gets marked as a promotion, it doesn’t mean that all of your email marketing efforts will end up in the wrong tab. By varying your sender, you’re giving each email a fresh start.

By Abigail Thorman, a freelance writer from Dallas.

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