Dental Office Branding


You have the dental certification, you have picked the perfect location, you’ve put in the time, and now you’re about to open up your own dental practice. Maybe you haven’t signed the papers yet, and it’s mostly because you can’t come up with a name for your practice. Your name could be an option, but if you’re planning to sell your practice, you might want to reconsider.

Branding Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. What will your logo look like? It could be used in your e-newsletters, on your door, or maybe your dental office door. It will definitely go on your business cards. But really think about it, a logo can have a significant effect. Think about Nike’s swoosh, Starbucks’s siren, and Target’s target logo and how easily we can associate the logo with the brand so easily. The logo for your dental practice can also set the tone for how your website will look or even your physical dental office.
  2. Will you add a tagline to your practice? Back to the Nike example, their tagline is “Just Do It.” It’s easy to remember, applicable, and easy to associate. If you feel that your dental office’s name and logo do not give enough information on the services you offer, consider adding a tagline. Tag lines are usually 4-10 words long. Know what you want to say and be purposeful with the words you choose.
  3. Is that name available? Not only should you check DBAs, but also check the availability of domain names. You can do this by easily searching the name you think of on Google and Bing and see what pops up. Putting the location of your practice (like the city or town name) along with the name of your dental practice is something to consider. This may help with internet searching later on when people are trying to find a local office but don’t know your name in particular.
  4. Brainstorm. Think of three or four adjectives that you want people to associate with your dental office. Do you want them to think of your outstanding service? Or is your office kid-friendly? Does coming into your dental office make them feel like they’re coming to a luxurious spa? What you want people to think about when they think of your dental office is important. You want to be remarkable, so not only will they come back, but they’ll be talking about your dental office and it’s special characteristics to someone else.

You may not think that any of this is important, but I’m sure you know how easy it is for people to clump your dental office, or any dental office, with all of the other ones that are available. It’s especially hard when your office is located within a few miles of another dental office. So make the extra effort and put extra thought into how you want to brand yourself and set yourself apart from the other dental offices. It will make the difference.

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